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第二屆香港古樂節: 尋源之旅

2nd Hong Kong Music Festival 2021

A Historical Journey



The 2nd Hong Kong Early Music Festival features a rich diversity of musical genres, including the music video “Life Is a Dream”, directed by Amsterdam-based writer and filmmaker Daan Vree.


Filmed at the beautiful Loenersloot Castle in the Dutch province of Utrecht, the story sees the world through a child's eyes. Yuna, an 8-year-old girl, waits for her pianist mother, Kaoru, who is making music with a young couple living in the castle, Edmond and Kitty. The child imagines that these two are a prince and a princess. 


The video is suffused with music; songs and duets of Haydn and Mendelssohn are performed by two distinguished young singers: Hong Kong-born soprano Kitty Lai and tenor Edmond Chu, along with solo pieces played by Japanese pianist Kaoru Iwamura on a square piano (an authentic period instrument). According to the director Daan Vree, the film is based on research into the history of the castle, the texts of the songs and the stories behind their composition: "we made a storyline that connects all the dots…The music is mostly about love and longing for each other, and we have the song about life that is just a dream."


To enjoy the music as part of an emotional journey, "Life Is a Dream" is now on Concerto da Camera's Youtube Channel, a unique experience no to be missed!


Moreover, a bonus video "The Broadwood Piano at the Loenersloot Castle" is now brought to you on Concerto da Camera’s Youtube channel. Kaoru Iwamura tells you more about the 200-year-old English Broadwood Square Piano she played in the video. This is a golden opportunity for you to extend your knowledge on the authentic keyboard instruments.

The Broaddwood Square piano 1829  at Castle Loenersloot is on loan from Museum Geelvinck.

第二屆香港古樂節會為您送上豐富多樣的音樂節目,包括全新拍製的音樂影片《人生如夢》。這齣製作由居於荷蘭阿姆斯特丹的作家兼電影製作人達恩・弗雷 (Daan Vree) 執導,全片均於荷蘭烏得勒支省中有八百年歴史的倫拿斯魯特城堡(Loenersloot Castle)中拍攝。故事中的Yuna 是一位八歲女童,她的鋼琴家母親 Kaoru約了城堡中的年輕夫婦 Edmond 和 Kitty 一起夾音樂。在孩子的幻想中,這對年青夫婦就像王子和公主,故事借孩子的目光角度,藉着她在城堡中的所見所聞,帶觀眾遊走於現實和幻想之間。




《人生如夢》以於雅樂合奏團的Youtube 頻道 播出,這場結合聲畫的獨特體驗, 絕對不能錯過!


此外,鋼琴家岩村薰在《倫拿斯魯特城堡的古鋼琴》視頻中,為您詳細介紹她在《人生如夢》中彈奏的樂器,那是一部有二百年曆史的英國 Broadwood 方形鋼琴。這會是您認識早期鍵盤樂器的絕佳機會。 彩蛋視頻於雅合奏團的YouTube Channel播出。

Photo by Minus Huynh
Loenersloot_Set_minus_HUYNH-07542 copy.jpg
Photo by Minus Huynh
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