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GloriaChifung Wong 王志丰

Visual Artist 視覺藝術家

Visual artist from Hong Kong lives and works in Paris since 2013. Gloria got a fine arts diploma with felicitation of jury from L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Versailles in France in 2019. Her contemporary work explores universal time by in-situ space installation and installation-video.  


She was fascinated by time’s flow, by its mathematical, verbal, spatial, pictorial or plastic representations and by the feeling it produces in each of us, on the planet. Her artistic approach and practical methodology try to capture time which were first inspired by science but also by many artists who paid tribute to these different thoughts and creation that express time and its multiple appearances. This is accompanied by a plastic approach which led her to capture physical time through the movements of the sunlight then materialized by fixed lines in an enclosed space. Three installations which deals with the flow of time in space were produced:

1.Sunlining, ArToll Kunstlabor, Bedburg-Hau, Germany, April 2018
Gloiria install 2.jpg

2.Sunlining #2, L’École des Beaux-arts de Versailles, June 2018

Glroia install 3.jpg
3.Temporal co-existence, Gallery of l’École des Beaux-arts de Versailles, March 2019
In these three installations, the interior architecture is transformed by the presence of the shelves and creates a new perception of places. This makes the work reproduced in different exhibition places unique each time. These materializations and visualizations of lived time are more objective because they refer to observable scientific principles: the movement of the sun, the rotation of the Earth, etc. Then, in order to reflect a more immediate, more sensitive, more subjective, more free, more playful perception of temporality, she choses a tool capable of capturing a reality to make it visible: video. This project was called “One day in 240 seconds”. It uses short films of ten seconds, made with smartphones that show daily life in two different places on the planet. These moments captured by the video are brought together on the same timeline, in the same chronology, symbolized by a white line. This white line which cuts the screen or the projection wall in two parts, represents the universal time lived in two distant time zones (Hong Kong and Paris) but gathered in only one place, that of the exhibition. We realized that this video installation generated a new perception of time thanksto the shifting effects of its flow on the timeline and the visual rapprochement of the two time zones. Which brings us to the discovery of a created temporality and no longer only felt as the universal flow of time. The temporality created by the broadcasting of each video becomes denser, more compact because it symbolizes an hour of the day in ten seconds each time. This brings us once again to question ourselves on this notion of “perception” of time.
gloria work 2.jpg
Gloria work 3.jpg
Apart from her contemporary creation, she practises traditional Chinese painting since she was young and now she is also doing European harpsichord painting in Paris.
Soundboard painting 2015
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